The PROJECT P.I.D.E. Its main objective is to give with priority to Roma women, the resources needed to enter the labor market and improve their skills.

The PIDE project does not want to duplicate actions that are already being carried out on other programs, on the contrary it wants to ensure that Roma women do not remain excluded from existing resources.

The ignorance of a large part of the Roma community about how this type of service works and the need to generate truly meaningful future expectations, specifically for Roma women, implies a task of interpretation and accompaniment, as a link between demands and needs, with an important focus on the creation of cooperatives and self-employment opportunities.

In order to guarantee this objective, coordination and networking with the existing devices and a work of mediation and support to Roma women will be established to facilitate the incorporation and exploitation of resources.

These itineraries will pay special attention to the Exclusion Factors Compensation measures, to ensure equal opportunities and the inclusion of the most disadvantaged women.

The project is subsidized by the Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The actions that are intended to be carried out, always coordinated with the other devices, are the following:

  • PREVENTION, working in conjunction with the teaching staff that imparts FOL in secondary education centers to show the different existing work itineraries that include an ethnic and gender perspective.
  • THE PRELABORAL ITINERARIES, for those women who could not get in touch with the “normalized” labor market.
  • TRAINING ITINERARIES AND RESEARCH OF EMPLOYMENT, the coach and follow-up to the labor insertion.
  • SELF-LEISING ITINERARIES AND THE CREATION OF COOPERATIVES (WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS), also giving way to those women systematically excluded by the market.

The P.I.D.E Program aims to become a reference resource for Roma women working in coordination with the labor insertion entities and entrepreneurship devices of the main cities’ districts of Catalonia.

What do you ask to life? Dare yourself, to build your new future.

P.I.D.E. is the individualized career guidance plan for Roma women living in Catalunya.

P.I.D.E. is a program made by the Unión Romaní that offers:

  1. TRAINING… intensive training of 4 sessions, 4 hours each.
  2. COUNSELING… individualized one to work on self-employment or salaried.
  3. CREATION… of a personalized professional project.

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